Dogs are superb odor and health science engineers!
A dog’s keen sense of smell, has proven to be a reliable indicator of disease used in medical detection. They are confirmed heroes who save lives and accurately detect certain illnesses long before many conventional methods.


Welcome to CanineDecoders, Inc.

Our vision is to provide an exciting, revolutionary alternative in non-invasive early screening for cancer,
infectious, inflammatory disease and other illnesses.

Over the coming weeks, we will be developing our comprehensive website outlining our programs and plans
in partnering with man’s best friend and explain how you can get involved.
Our Mission

Our mission is to understand how breath and canine olfaction work together in defining disease. It has already been proven beyond a doubt that dogs can accurately detect certain illnesses long before many conventional methods. Using dogs to screen for illnesses is significantly less expensive, less invasive, more effective and often more accurate then many traditional methods.

Our aim is to take well-documented research and build upon what already has been proven. Along with drugs and bombs, dogs are being used to detect cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, low blood sugar, narcolepsy, migraines, seizures, malaria, pregnancy, mental illnesses, and changes that occur in our bodies when we are stressed. This list is growing with new and exciting studies well in progress.


The highly sensitive canine nose is one of nature’s best chemical detectors and can detect certain target substances at concentrations as low as
parts per trillion! That’s a single drop of food coloring in 18 million gallons of water. Or a single second out of 32,000 years.
A dog can detect the odor of a single finger print on a glass slide that is 6 weeks old.
The list is endless…

Who We Are

We are a growing group of scientists, doctors, pathologists, professional dog trainers, experts in the fields of law enforcement, special forces military, veteran affairs and scent detection. We are enlisting numerous groups who have expressed an interest in helping.

We are interested in building a network of serious people willing to think outside the box. If you would like to work in the forefront of cancer research and the development of an early medical screening program, send us an email so we can get to know you, your background and interests.
At this time, positions are voluntary.

We are interviewing for:
Project Managers
Media Promotors
Education and Outreach Coordinators
Fund Raisers

What We Do

At Canine DeCoders, we use rigorous protocols to train dogs to screen for combined compounds related to disease that are released in breath.

We specialize in cancer screening and plan to expand our dog teams to detect other diseases.

We are contributing to an emerging and intriguing field of scientific investigation by using canine smell in complex breath science.

We are committed to educating the medical community and general public to expand awareness.

We are proving a dog’s natural ability in providing a novel, yet proven researched approach in early disease detection.

Your Unique Breath Print

Our breath has an odor as unique as a fingerprint. Contained within each breath we exhale, are thousands of molecules, organic compounds, proteins and combinations of chemicals. These combinations are unique to each one of us and define health and disease. When they are released in breath, they create signature odors that are detectable to dogs in very low concentrations. Dogs can identify these minute particles much in the same way as we can smell the ingredients of a baking apple pie.

How You Can Help
Help Build Our Scent Research Library

In order to maintain our dogs accuracy, we need to frequently update our Scent Library.


If you are a patient who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and have not yet received treatment, would you please consider donating a breath sample. It will take just a few minutes and possibly help save a life.
Patients will be asked to breathe into 3 isolation face masks for 10 minutes each and fill out a brief Intake and Consent Form. We will be happy to mail the 3×10 Exhaled Breath Aerosol Screening Kit free of charge to wherever necessary.
If you know of someone else who has been recently diagnosed, would you please ask them if they would be willing to help too.

Privacy Policy:

The privacy of your medical information is important to us. We want to assure you that  samples and clinical data are handled in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in strictest compliance with all applicable rules and legal regulations. We keep your medical information private. Should you choose to participate in our screening program, you will receive a complete Notice of Privacy Practice.


In addition to building working relationships with health authorities, private medical practices and institutions, Canine DeCoders is also developing unique collaborative partnerships with Veterinary Hospitals in conducting studies that will provide important sources of information in early disease detection and trends. We intend to analyze crucial information about pets that have been diagnosed with various forms of naturally-occurring diseases. Our primary focus is on cancer with the hope of advancing care and treatment.

Studying animals helps scientists predict how diseases and their treatment may affect humans. Because of their shorter life-spans, typically diseases progress faster in our companion animals. By studying this progression, not only we will begin to understand methods of early detection, treatment and intervention, we may be able to extend the quality of our pet’s life. On the human side, studying animal models may ultimately lead to decrease costs and increase in effectiveness of drugs prior to expensive human clinical trials. Our ultimate goal is to enhance early detection and treatment of both human and veterinary cancers in a unique cooperation with our collective partners.

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